ShowBox Alternatives

This article will provide you with a comprehensive list of the Best ShowBox Alternatives.

ShowBox was one of the most used APK’s in history for streaming Movies and TV Shows. Many used the application on streaming devices such as the Amazon Firestick and Fire TV devices. The list below will provide you with other streaming APK options that work just as good if not better than ShowBox.

I have made this list to reflect apps that provide tons of content in High Definition for your viewing pleasure. Many of these apps also have added features such as and real-debridintegration as added bonuses.

All options below are great choices, however, finding your favorite will be based on personal preference. I suggest giving all of them a shot and seeing which one you like best!

If you have a ShowBox alternative that you do not see on this list, let us know what it is and why you like it in the comment section below. CAUTION – YOUR STREAMING ACTIVITY IS BEING LOGGED

TROYPOINT does not verify the legality or security of any applications or services covered on this Website. 

You should always use a VPN in conjunction with free or low-cost streaming solutions to protect your identity and security. 

Your Internet Service provider, government, app developers, and hackers can log your online activity through your visible IP Address and location. 

A VPN will encrypt your connection to the Internet and mask your IP address so you will remain 100% anonymous while online. 

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ShowBox Alternatives

Cinema APK

Cinema is currently the best ShowBox alternative. It is working fabulously and pulling in tons of High-Definition streams. Subtitles and Search work perfectly within Cinema, along with the favorites option for all your beloved content.

With both real-debrid and trakt integration, there is no shortage of added benefits within this APK. And for those who like using an external video player, MX Player is also available for use. Links are offered in both 720 and 1080p HD for a full streaming experience. Overall, Cinema is the top ShowBox alternative available today.

How To Install Cinema APK


Kodi is a media center application used by millions across the world. Because of its open source software, users can install 3rd party add-ons to stream Movies, TV Shows, and more.

For new and experienced Kodi users, TROYPOINT has created a list of the Best Kodi Add-Ons for your enjoyment. This list is updated on a daily basis. Or, if you would like to install all the best add-ons with just the click of a button, check out the TROYPOINT SuperCharge Guide.

One reason for Kodi’s extreme popularity is because of the applications versatility. Kodi can be installed on nearly any device imaginable and used wherever you are! Use the guides below to install Kodi on your preferred device.

Install Kodi on Firestick/Fire TV

How To Install Kodi On Android TV Box

How To Install Kodi On iPhone & iPad

How To Install Kodi On Xbox One


TVZion is a streaming APK that is staying updated and working fantastically. It has MX Player, real-debrid, and trakt abilities making it an extremely powerful app. One of the best aspects TVZions provides is the option to auto-play content.

It also has a source filtering feature which other streaming apps don’t offer. This means when a link is provided that does not work, TVZion will list it as “failed” so you don’t have to trial and error sources to find a working link.

How To Install TVZion

Morph TV

Morph TV is a brand new streaming app that is making waves amongst cord-cutters. Morph is a clone of the ever-popular APK, Morpheus TV. Morpheus is no longer being updated which means links are not being added to the app.

However, Morph takes its place with updated links and more. The interface is extremely similar and so are the features within the app. While trakt integration is provided, Morph currently does not offer real-debrid abilities.

One of the best aspects of Morph is that it currently does not host any advertisements.

How To Install Morph TV

Popcorn Time

This APK has been around longer than most and is currently working great. While other apk’s only stream content, Popcorn Time is different as it uses torrents for downloading. By using torrents, you will be broadcasting your IP Address to the public.

That is why if you do choose to use Popcorn Time, a VPN must be connected for your safety. A VPN will change or mask your IP address making it impossible to view your “geo-location”.

How To Install VPN on Firestick or Fire TV

Links in Popcorn Time are plentiful and usually play buffer-free. Overall,  a great apk that is worth a shot as long as you stay protected with a VPN.

How To Install Popcorn Time

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